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Tailor, Nigeria <\/small>","description":"

After 25 years running her tailoring business in Lagos, Nigeria, Omorala Izerca was experiencing the growing pains common to many small business owners. Her business was successful enough. She employed seven tailors in her workshop and was able support the basic needs of her family during most of the year, especially during festivals, when there was more demand for the children’s clothing her shop made. The tailoring business, however, could be slow at other times of year, and her income wasn’t steady.<\/p>

When Omorala’s friend told her that there was a place that would loan her money to expand her business, she didn’t initially believe it. Her first visit to Accion Microfinance Bank convinced her that it was, in fact, within her reach. With her first loan of 50,000 Naira (about U.S. $300), Omorala was able to diversify her business model and begin selling a product that she knew would be in steady demand year-round: kerosene. While branching out and selling fuel might seem an odd choice for a tailor, this move allowed her to smooth out her income and expand her tailoring business by hiring three additional employees.<\/p>

She is now better able to provide food for her family and cover school fees for her five children. The increase in her profits has even allowed her to begin to save a little money. With her more stable income, she plans to continue saving and building her business for the future.<\/p>","url":"http:\/\/elmonoautista.com\/5254392"}