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Fisherman, Cameroon<\/small>","description":"

After more than a decade selling fish, Kiki Flavien needed nets. Kiki, a 43-year-old fisherman who sells his catch at the Youpwe Market in Douala, Cameroon, knew that if he could simply catch more fish, he would have eager customers ready to buy. But despite his ambitions and high demand for fish at the market, Kiki lacked the capital he needed to buy the additional nets.<\/p>

One day, an EB-Accion loan officer approached him and suggested a loan. Kiki was ultimately able to borrow the equivalent of U.S. $2,000 to buy five more nets. He quickly repaid the first loan and used another to buy a motor for his boat, which cut by half the time it takes him to get to sea.<\/p>

This growth has allowed Kiki to hire two more employees as well as add windows and doors to the home he shares with his wife and their four children. His wife, Annette, opened a savings account. She and Kiki plan to keep saving little by little to continue to improve their home and provide their children with a good education. “I want my children to go as far as possible in schooling,” he explains.<\/p>","url":"http:\/\/elmonoautista.com\/5254392"}