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Snack vendor, Mexico<\/small>","description":"

It is difficult to miss the bright yellow bicycle cart parked on the main market street of this Mexican city, Tehuacán, and that is Pedro Melchor’s hope. Every part of this stand has been created with his customers in mind, and the yellow color attracts plenty of attention, even on a busy street. A hand-drawn sign advertises fresh juices and Mexican specialties like agua de jamaica<\/em> (Hibiscus tea) and horchata<\/em>, a sweet rice drink.<\/p>

Pedro comes from a family of vendors and, after working for many years selling coat hangers, he decided to start his own business. He purchased a small bicycle cart and began selling fruit juices around the city. When he married a few years later, his wife, Maria Elena, joined him at the cart, working from early morning into the evenings. Over the years, they have come to see their business as the means to provide a better future for themselves and their children.<\/p>

Since taking his first loan of 2,000 pesos (about U.S. $160) from Accion partner CrediConfía several years ago, Pedro has been able to offer a wider variety of food and drinks. And, with the profits that have followed, he invested in two additional carts.<\/p>

Pedro’s motivation to build a thriving business comes into clear focus as he talks more about his family. Through their hard work, Pedro and his wife have carefully built their business with their children’s future in mind. Their hope is one day to expand their business to a small storefront in the area. Whatever they decide to do, it is clear that the legacy they will leave is not only the material support of a business or livelihood, but the dignity and knowledge to run it successfully.<\/p>","url":"http:\/\/www.vimeo.com"}