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Bag designer, Chicago<\/small>","description":"

Maria Boustead started her business with two key ingredients: a unique idea and a support network that believed in her vision. The idea for ‘Po Campo’ came to Maria five years ago when – as a bike commuter herself – she realized that no one had created a fashionable bag with urban cyclists in mind. <\/p>

Working out of her mother’s basement, Maria started with just two designs \u2013 one with a professional look and the other more casual. As her business grew, Maria moved into a bright studio space and focused on designing and marketing her bags full-time. When it was time to apply for a loan, several banks turned her down. She says, “When I was talking to Accion they wanted to help – to listen and offer solutions. It felt so good to go to a financial institution and find that they wanted to help, instead of slamming the door in your face.” With a loan from Accion Chicago, Maria hired part-time assistance and broadened her inventory; she now carries 14 styles of bags.<\/p>

“I’ve totally conceived Po Campo and how it’s going to grow – I want it to be big,” she explains. “I feel like urban cycling is the next big thing, and I want Po Campo to be the flagship brand for that.” With a solid foundation in place, Maria is now positioning her business for expansion.<\/p>","url":"http:\/\/www.themeforest.net"}