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Electrician, San Diego <\/small>","description":"

Mary Stapleton, owner of ‘Ms Sparky Electric,’ has worked in electrical contracting since 1997. She tried many different types of jobs prior to this but found that she loved working with her hands to create something of value for her clients. At first, she worked for private companies, but found herself unemployed during tough economic times. However, she wasn’t discouraged and used the opportunity to pursue her dream of her own business.<\/p>

Mary met her Accion San Diego loan officer, Maria Montano, at a Small Business Development Associates (SBDA) event. She initially took out a $2,000 loan for start-up capital, and then came back for a larger $10,000 loan. With her Accion loans, Mary was able to build a webpage, purchase materials and put money toward the purchase of a truck.<\/p>

‘Ms Sparky’ has expanded to the point where Mary has started to hire full-time employees. She has been able to stay in her community, support her family and begin to give back. She enjoys mentoring women and always encourages them to pursue job opportunities not traditionally open to them.<\/p>

Today, Mary is one of Accion San Diego’s greatest advocates. When a friend was turned down by his bank for a loan to expand his restaurant, she sent him to Accion. “Microlending brings life to the community,” Mary explains. <\/p>","url":"http:\/\/elmonoautista.com\/5254392"}