The Restaurant Owner

Adebayo Fausat’s restaurant supports her family and 30 employees. Now, her daughter is creating a program to feed more of Lagos’ hungry. Adebayo has been managing restaurants for 40 years. Her current place, Iya-Eba Restaurant, is very clean, and even though it’s the middle of Lent and many people are fasting until after 6pm, there is still a line of customers waiting for take-out.

Adebayo and her daughter have been clients for two years. When they were denied credit by a bigger commercial bank, they came to Accion Microfinance Bank, and took an $1,800 loan. Now, in addition to paying the wages of her more than 30 employees, Adebayo has been able to support her six children, one of whom tells us that she has a restaurant of her own now, and once per month, she goes out into the marketplaces and gives food to the poor. She’s in the process of formalizing her charity work by creating a new NGO in Lagos. Talk about a ripple effect!