The Fabric Seller

It’s hard not to be inspired by a woman as driven as Olufelo Kehinde. As soon as Accion Microfinance Bank opened its doors in the market where Olufelo sold fabrics, she jumped at the opportunity to expand her business. As we talk to her, she points to a small shack down the road in the market – that’s where she started doing business when Accion Microfinance Bank first appeared in the area.

Although her first loan was only $750, with her business acumen and motivation to succeed, her operation quickly grew into a hub for internationally sourced fabrics and now takes up a large and colorful patch of real estate in the market. Over six years, with larger loans from Accion, she began traveling as far as Indonesia and Thailand to bring back quality products in bulk. For people like Olufelo, starting small is no obstacle to going big.