The Chef

Pratiska’s small restaurant stands on a busy road in Bangalore. She proudly tells us the name, Hari Om, which roughly translates to transcendence and bliss through Vishnu, a Hindu god. Though Pratiska’s restaurant has only two tables, it sells snacks and drinks to a daily stream of customers from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. When she started more than 10 years ago, she didn’t have electricity and the benefits that come with it.

Thanks to her perseverance and small loans from Accion partner Swadhaar FinServe, today Pratiska’s restaurant has a ceiling fan, a new stove and fridge, and her sales have doubled. Like any good parent, Pratiska wants to make sure her four children go to a good school. With hard work and financial services from Swadhaar, Pratiska has built a business that allows her to do just that.