Emma and Genaro

The Organic Farmers

Emma Guadarrama and her husband Genaro Acosta had heard that organic produce was in demand in the nearby Mexican town of Ixtapan de la Sal, where they sold their product every weekend during harvest season. They also knew that the town had some of the highest rates of birth defects in the country, because, according to Genaro, the flower nurseries in the area where so many young women worked used hazardous fertilizers and chemicals. “If we can grow good produce without so many chemicals,” Genaro says, “we can really help the women and children in our community.”

With the help of a loan from Accion partner CrediConfia, they were able to build greenhouses. Every time they get a small surplus of profits, they invest it back into the business – anything from new tools for their tractor or the bees they need to pollinate the tomato plants. “We have made many sacrifices to have this business,” Emma says. “I don’t have big aspirations, but I want to meet my family’s needs.” Emma and Genaro are not just meeting the needs of their family; they are sowing the seeds of a healthier community.

Emma the organic farmer in Mexico